We can supply Japan-quality plant with Thai cost.

Engineering, Procurement, Construction(EPC) , Building design and construction.
We offer full packages for engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) services for the chemical, foodstuffs, and biotechnology industries. Based on our 28 years of experience in Thailand and other Southeast Asian countries, we also provide consulting services to support our clients' company set-up, market survey, feasibility studies, etc.
For building design and construction, our experience covers various kinds of buildings, small to large, including industrial factories, foodstuffs/pharmaceutical plants, large-scale logistics facilities, buildings with special facilities such as clean rooms, and renovation of offices, canteens, and toilets.
We promise to convey satisfaction and excitement to our clients.

Our technology can be applied to various kinds of manufacturing plants, equipment, or systems in the following fields.

Energy field

LiB (Lithium-ion Secondary Battery) Precursor Manufacturing Plant, LiB (Lithium-ion Secondary Battery) Active Material Manufacturing Plant, Electrolyte Manufacturing Plant, Battery Manufacturing Plant

Environmental field

Seawater Flue Gas Desulfurization System, Flue Gas Desulfurization System, Sludge Drying Equipment, Waste liquid treatment plant, VOC control systems, Solid waste treatment plant

Chemicals field(organic/inorganic)

Chemicals Manufacturing Plant (EPC), BPA Manufacturing Plant, PDCB Manufacturing Plant, Sulfate Crystal Manufacturing Plant

Foodstuffs field

Refined Sugar Manufacturing Plant, Raw Sugar Manufacturing Plant, Food manufacturing plant

Iron and steel field
Sulfate Crystal Manufacturing Plant, Blast Furnace / Linz-Donawitz Converter Gas Holder, Coal Moisture Control Plant
Design, Manufacturing, and Supply of Plant Equipment
In addition to EPC services, we design and manufacture plant equipment by ourselves.
In Thailand, we have established strong relationships with our partners that manufacture our equipment with our design and quality control. Thus, we can provide high-quality equipment at competitive prices. We supply those equipment to our clients in Thailand as well as in Japan or other counties.
Fully Automatic Batch Type Centrifugal
Tsukishima Kikai has delivered over 1,500 units of Fully Automatic Batch Type Centrifugal all over the world for a variety of applications such as raw sugar, white sugar, refined sugar, glucose, fructose, sugar alcohol, etc. Because of its exceptional design, our centrifugal achieved several distinguished features such as "Less contamination at Charge Chute", " User-friendly operation system by using Touch screen", Easy Maintenance due to its simple structure", "less Energy consumption by regenerating electricity during deceleration”
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Batch type Centrifugal PDF
After-Sales Service and Maintenance
Not only EPC services for plant construction, we prioritize maintaining long-term relationships with our clients via provision of after-sales service and maintenance services, regardless of their scale from daily maintenance, parts supply to major rehabilitation.
We place importance on the prompt and proper response to satisfy urgent clients’ demands.
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Handling of Tsukishima Holdings Group's products
As a Tsukishima Holdings Group's main overseas business unit in Southeast Asia, we supply Tsukishima Holdings Group's equipment and processes in Thailand.
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We are an official distributor of PRIMIX products in Thailand.

Appointment Letter as Distributor
Through every process of projects, Japanese and Thai experts provide professional services to ensure the quality of deliverables.
We can provide excellent quality at competitive prices.
We have plenty of information and know-how in related Thai laws & regulations, BOI tax exemptions, and regulations of the industrial estates in Thailand. Based on the knowledge, we provide consulting services for clients who are not familiar with company set-up and plant construction in Thailand from the feasibility study phase. We also provide basic design and engineering services. Based on the clients’ very simple basic design information, we can develop the basic design packages and budgetary quotations for feasibility studies of the clients.
Engineering / Project Management
We are the specialist of EPC projects and provide full range of services including project management, civil, equipment, piping, electrical, and instrumentation, from feasibility study phase to plant start-up. It is of great benefit to clients to save their resources to execute EPC projects within budget, with high quality and on schedule.
Architectural Design Work
By carefully imaging the client’s idea, we create an interior and exterior design. We will provide an optimized solution design for "connecting clients with their clients" as well as "minimizing the environmental burden".
Based on our long experience in plant construction, we have established strong relationships with various manufacturers, suppliers, and subcontractors. Considering quality and cost, we offer the best sources, from Thailand and anywhere in the world, for every goods and service that consist of the clients' EPC project.
High-level Safety and Quality Control in Construction Work
Safety is our highest priority in construction work.
As a Japanese-origin company, we strictly apply high-level standards in safety and quality to our construction management. We also fully understand the relevant laws and regulations in the country where the site locates. Our professional services in safety, quality, schedule, and cost make sure that the clients' projects will be executed and completed successfully with full confidence.
Maintenance Work
We practice "all employees are maintenance staff" and provide prompt response to each work, such as expansion, revamping, repair, parts supply, or even for small-scale modification work.
Design utilizing 3D CAD
and 3D scanner
We introduced 3D CAD (AutoCAD® Plant 3D) for our plant design, and it has utilized fully in our EPC projects. Based on the data of drawings of equipment and buildings, we can share the overall image of the plant that is "visualized" by a 3D model with high precision in a short time.
Also, we implemented a 3D scanner for the site surveys of the existing plant, and we utilized it to design expansion, modification, and maintenance works. We can do site surveys quickly with high quality. Based on the surveys, we make a design that avoids interference with buildings, equipment, piping, and electricals.
Download Full 3D Plant Design
Cooperation with Tsukishima Holdings group companies
  • ● To satisfy the demands of our clients in various fields, including environment and energy field, we utilize the network of the Tsukishima Holdings group to offer the best solutions and equipment,
  • ● In Southeast Asian countries including Thailand, we work together with Tsukishima Kikai especially when we execute very large-scale projects.
  • ● We supply high-quality equipment for projects that Tsukishima Holdings group execute around the world.
Tsukishima Kankyo Engineering Ltd.

Design, production, and sales of systems and equipment used for environmental improvement that apply combustion & melting, absorption & adsorption technologies and for chemical / general industry.
〇 Waste Liquid Treatment, Solid Waste Treatment, Packing media

PRIMIX Corporation

Production, sales, and system engineering of emulsifying, pulverizing, dispersing, kneading and atomizing equipment. Research and development of new products for emulsification and dispersion.
〇 Emulsifier / Disperser, Vacuum Emulsifier, Multi-purpose, Versatile Disperser / Kneader, Continuous Disperser / Emulsifier / Mixer, A Mixer for Designing Nanometer-sized Particles, etc.

Tsukishima Kikai Co., Ltd.

Design, manufacture, sale, and maintenance of various types of machinery
〇Crystallizer, Vortex Flow Crystallizer, Calandria Type Crystallizer, Counter Current Cooling Crystallization and Purification Process, Escher Wyss Push Type Centrifuge, Fully Automatic Batch Type Centrifuges, Horizontal Belt Filter, Compression Blow Dehydrator, BoCross Filter, Filtering and Drying Machine, Steam Tube Dryer, Inclined Disc Dryer, Fluidized Bed Dryer, Hopper Dryer, Clean Flash Dryer, T-Type Dryer, Vacuum Mixing Dryer, Dry-seal Gas Holder, Vibrating Sieve, Vibrating Mill, Vibrating Polisher, Vibrating Mixer, Hemispheric Head Cyclone Separator, SMC(Sheet molding compound), Screw Press, Filter Press, etc.

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