The completion of the desalination unit expansion project
TSK Engineering (Thailand) Co., Ltd. successfully completed the expansion of the desalination unit which we received order from a customer in Ratchaburi in september 2022. We finished handover the equipment in May of this year.

In this project, we utilized a 3D laser scanner to create a 3D model of the existing equipment after modification. By combining this model with the design, we were able to visualize the final result from the design stage and achieve a layout design that avoids interference with the existing equipment.

By using this approach, we were able to significantly reduce the time needed for on-site surveys and the design phase. Even during this project, there were discrepancies between the drawings and the actual positions of the foundations. However, because we were able to identify these discrepancies in advance, we successfully completed the construction without any design errors or installation mistakes, ensuring a high-quality outcome.

TSK Engineering (Thailand) Co., Ltd. continues to focus on Building New Plant, Expansion, and Maintenance work in Thailand.
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