Celebrating 30 Years of Excellence - Towards a Sustainable Future
TSK ENGINEERING (THAILAND) CO., LTD. has successfully reached its 30th anniversary in April 2023. On this occasion, we extend our gratitude to our valued customers, cooperative partners, shareholders, and all our employees and their families. It is thanks to your unwavering support and cooperation that we have been able to navigate through these 30 years.

In our early days, our company experienced growth in the sugar-related field. Subsequently, with the expansion of Japanese chemical manufacturers into Thailand and ASEAN countries, our EPC business became our core business. We have contributed to our customers in various fields, including plant construction, expansion, modification, and maintenance. Our achievements include a wide range of products such as adhesives, surfactants, plating coatings, functional resins, resin additives, resin compounds, and biochemistry.

Furthermore, in 2021, we signed an official distributorship agreement with PRIMIX CORPORATION, a group company of Tsukishima Holdings Co., Ltd. This strategic partnership has enabled us to enhance our expertise in the field of High-speed mixing technology, empowering us to provide innovative solutions in industries such as cosmetics, food, chemicals, and lithium-ion secondary battery materials.

Through collaboration with Tsukishima Kankyo Engineering Ltd., another group company, we have expanded our capabilities to provide solutions in the field of waste and wastewater treatment, including equipment for the combustion of solid waste, treatment of wastewater and waste gases, as well as facilities for acid recovery and processing. This enables us to offer waste and wastewater management solutions to Thailand and ASEAN countries.

Based on the experience and trust we have gained, we will continue to build strong partnerships with our valued customers and cooperative companies. We aim to become a solution-oriented company that contributes to a sustainable future by continuously improving our technical capabilities to provide high-quality services and offering the best possible technology.

Though we have just reached a significant milestone, we sincerely hope to continue growing together with all of you, as we strive to achieve our vision of "Building a Better Tomorrow with Environmental Technologies."
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