Recently, TSK completed and handed over an employee toilet renovation project to our client in Rojana Industrial Park in Ayutthaya. 

The client has a strong passion to improve employee satisfaction in the workplace, and TSK empathizes with the client and shares their ideas. To realize the client’s passion for employee satisfaction, TSK closely worked together with the client on the proposal, design, and construction of the employee toilet renovation project.

For the employee toilet renovation project, the client’s primary concerns were cleanliness, usability, and countermeasures against Covid-19. TSK realized the client’s primary concerns by proposing concrete and sophisticated designs in the style and layout of the toilet. During the construction period, TSK applied the dust suppressing work procedures to the transportation of construction equipment and materials because the construction area was next to a clean zone.

TSK also thoroughly took countermeasures against Covid-19. As a result, TSK completed the project with zero accidents and incidents on schedule.

The client was fully satisfied with all phases of the project including various proposals based on TSK’s long-term experiences
in plant engineering and architectural design, 
and TSK’s project management in engineering, procurement, and construction.
Overall, TSK received a very high evaluation from the client.

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